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B Y   A P P O I N T M E N T


An innate sense of style is synonymous with the Madi Lane bride. It lingers in every fibre of her being and is exhibited in the finest of elements that make up her Australian-designed wedding gown. Dancing between modern ingenuity and timeless sophistication, Madi Lane gowns tell the tale of ‘girl meets dress’ - a timeless love story. Propelled ever forward by the beauty of art, the elegance of design, and an enduring love affair with nature, the evolution of Madi Lane is one that has taken inspiration from the journey of life itself. Madi Lane gowns are both aspirational and attainable, exclusive pieces that look, feel and read modern contemporary couture. Each and every Madi Lane creation features delicate appliqué and embellishments, artfully placed on high quality fabrics and polished in every detail. With personality and personalisation in mind, each gown embodies a fierce femininity, fitting individual body as well as it does the individual spirit.

Introducing first-ever bridal collection – WHITE by Friend of Audrey is a ready-to-wear collection designed for the contemporary bride or bridesmaid.


The collection is clean, minimal and ultra-feminine. It steers away from the ‘princess dress’ cliché and reinvents classic styles to create something that is relaxed, timeless and truly unique for the fashion-forward bride. From a silky satin slip with a dipped back to a pleated dress with a square neckline, these multifaceted pieces resist trends or seasons and can be reworn beyond the aisle.

 C A L L A  B L A N C H E  B R I D A L 

The Calla Blanche collection features daring necklines, elaborate bodices, and enticing silhouettes with diverse textures in luxurious fabrics.

Calla Blanche wedding gowns are modern, timeless and sophisticated.  Made of the best quality lace and finest workmanship. Though the designs are couture-inspired, the brand is able to offer elevated fashion without the elevated cost, helping most brides stay within budget.